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Life can be miserable when you are dogged by nagging toothache pain...

When Your Tooth Aches And The Pain In Your Jaw And Face Is Unbearable And You Think You Can't Endure Another Minute Of It, You Need Instant Pain Relief...



Dear Toothache Sufferer,

My name is Barbara Fredericks and like you I have suffered the pain of toothache at the most inconvenient times.

At the top of this page you will find a link Toothache Remedies, simply click on that link to go to pages that will show you how to get rid of your toothache fast. 

Constant nagging toothache can make your life a misery. This is when you need urgent relief so that the tooth ache is relieved and you can get on with your usual daily activities.


Obviously the answer to relief from the pain of toothache is a trip to the Dentist but often we find ourselves in the situation that we can’t get to the Dentist immediately for any number of reasons.


W e may find that the Dentist does not have an appointment available. It may be night time or the weekend. We may be travelling and don’t want to see an unfamiliar Dentist.


Whatever the reason what you want is pain relief and you want it NOW.


In this website we have drawn together the best articles we can find to give you relief from that unforgiving, constant, nagging tooth ache.


There are many causes of toothache, the most common being a tooth cavity. Tooth cavities are caused by decay of the outer layer of the tooth. This allows the roots to become exposed and this is what causes the toothache.


The toothache can often be brought on by eating or drinking something cold or something hot. So it is best to avoid anything of this nature while ever you have a problem.


Very often the tooth aches continually and until you get to the Dentist you will find within this website a number of suggested solutions to that toothache.


WARNING!   Pain in the jaw can sometimes indicate heart attack or angina pain. It is important to get medical and dental advice urgently.



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